In the Beginning…

Our mission:
Heart & Hearth nourishes our residents in lives of connection, acceptance, wisdom, joy, giving and doing. They enjoy richness and meaning by sharing what they have to offer through words, actions, and remembrance.

When Steve & I met there was an immediate deep connection. We discovered that each of us was passionate about working with elders. Steve was an activities director at an assisted living facility and I was working as an occupational therapist. We dreamed about creating a home for elders that provided richness, meaning and continued growth.

During casual conversation at a work function at my job, a friend of a coworker mentioned that he was selling a house that he had slated to become a family care home. We perked up and asked if we could see it. The next day we were taking the tour of the house and knew that this was where our vision could start. We bought the property, finished the renovations, and opened a year later with one resident.

Now, with six residents all living full and rich lives with us and enriching our lives, we are touched and deeply grateful at the paths our lives have taken.

Is your path or your parent’s or loved ones’ path bringing them, as well, to Heart & Hearth?

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