Activities at Heart & Hearth

At Hearth & Hearth, we encourage our residents to participate in this home as they might in their own homes and with their own families. Our residents enjoy playing with the dog, feeding the chickens, and working in the raised bed garden. Sometimes they participate in cleaning up, picking up sticks, or sweeping. We sit by the fire on cold evenings or have a fire and music at the bonfire on warm summer nights. Meals are family style. We often sit around the table after a meal to chat about the day or share the newspaper together. If residents are interested, we provide exercise classes and craft projects. We go on outings to the park or to hear a concert. At holidays, residents, caregivers, and their families often come together to celebrate.

We do things together, and we also offer activities geared to each individual. One resident is in a senior’s bowling league, while another resident goes to ceramics class weekly. A resident may volunteer at the local animal shelter or at the food bank. We offer a variety of fun, meaningful and individualized activities that support each person in their personal growth and development.

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