Meaningful Living

What gives a person’s life meaning? It may be different for every person. Some people love to garden, others love to listen to or create music. For some, just being in a social environment with friends and family is enriching. Reading books, watching movies, taking a dog for a walk, petting a cat: these are all activities that can bring richness and meaning to a person’s life.

Being an integrated and important piece of the whole community helps us feel loved and accepted. At Heart & Hearth, we try to get to know our residents on a deep level so that we can learn what makes life worth living for each one. We consider ourselves family. Meaning in life has to do with feeling accepted, feeling that you have an important role in the larger unit, and feeling fulfilled. We strive to support our residents in feeling this connection.

Our residents enjoy playing with the dog, feeding the chickens, and working in the raised bed garden. Sometimes they participate in cleaning up, picking up sticks, or sweeping. We sit by the fire on cold evenings or have a fire and music at the bonfire on a warm summer night. We do things together, and we also offer activities geared to each individual.

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