Bob & Lois

From Melissa: Bob and Lois, my Mom and Dad, don’t live at Heart & Hearth, but they live right below it, next door to Steve and me. Having them near and part of our lives is a true gift to me. Since they have arrived, they have also enriched the lives of our residents.

Here’s how it happened. My parents were living in Hendersonville, a nearby town, for many years. I would suggest that we figure out a way to live nearer to each other periodically, but it just never seemed the right time. Two years ago, we started the conversation again, and began looking for property that would accommodate two families and that was also closer to our business.

There are three houses on the western side of our ridge below Heart & Hearth. We had the opportunity to buy one of these houses, and with the added land, we planned to build another house for them. We bought the existing house and Steve and I moved in, but the building of the second house became impossible because of building codes. We were crushed! However, within six months, one of the other houses below Heart & Hearth went on the market, and it was just what my parents were looking for. Within five days, they bought the house, and one month later, they were all moved in.

Bob and Lois add so much to our little community. They sometimes come up to the “main house” for supper, spending the evening chatting at the table. Bob has always been an avid gardener, and he has been instrumental in creating the most abundant and beautiful garden that we have had to date. When he comes up to plant or harvest, he usually stops in at the house to see how everyone is doing. Lois often walks up to sit in the swing under the maple tree while Bob is gardening.

Our residents will occasionally walk down to visit Bob & Lois as well. As a matter of fact, we all gathered together recently at our house to celebrate Bob & Lois’ 65th wedding anniversary with cake and a toast. We are all very happy that they are here with us!

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