Grace is one of our more lively residents. She really enjoys keeping busy. Grace is always ready to help out in whatever way she can. She offers to set the table, gets the drinks ready, and will often help clear the table. She likes to take care of the indoor birds. Grace helps out in the garden by watering, dead-heading the flowers, and participating in the harvest. She has certainly snapped a few beans since she’s been here!

Grace enjoys activities outside the home as well. She goes out to lunch with friends, participates in a ceramics class once a week, and has done some volunteer work at a local animal shelter. At home, Grace is almost always up for a challenging game of Rummy or Scrabble. Daisy, our dog, loves to be with Grace, either out on the property or in the house watching TV.

We joke with Grace that she is our Honorary Marketing Director, because she enjoys being our tour guide and describing to visitors what a great place this is to live.

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