Lois & Joe

Lois and Joe were living independently, but problems were arising. Lois kept falling at home, and Joe did not have the capacity to care for her on his own. The family finally decided that both Lois and Joe would benefit from closer and more consistent care. Lois came to live with us first, after recovering from her latest fall. Joe drove over every day to have lunch with Lois and spend the afternoon. He would leave right before supper. When space became available, Joe moved in as well.

Lois and Joe lived together in our master suite, which is a large room with four closets and a private bath. Joe had two stories that really had impacted his life and that he loved to tell. One of these stories was about his beginnings. When Joe was six weeks old, both of his parents died in the 1918 flu epidemic. From that time on, Joe was raised by his grandparents on a farm in South Carolina. Joe met Lois while she was visiting relatives in South Carolina.

The second was a war story. Joe was an airplane mechanic during WWII, stationed in England. He was also involved in the loading of the bombs on the plane. One day when loading was occurring, Joe had something he had to go do. While he was gone, one of the bombs exploded during loading, killing several men. Joe had escaped unharmed. In the days that followed, Joe was instrumental in creating a new way for the bombs to be loaded. This included using fewer people to do the job, thus exposing fewer men to the potential hazards of doing this job. Joe was quite proud of his contribution to the war.

Lois and Joe enjoyed sitting together on the couch in the den every afternoon. Their family visited every Sunday. It was a special gift to support this couple in their last days so that they could continue to stay together and also get the care that they needed.

They were married for over sixty years. Joe passed away first. At the funeral, as people approached Lois to give their condolences, and to view Joe for the last time, Lois would say, “Hi I’m Lois, and this is my husband Joe.” Then she would realize what she had said, and we would all laugh. Lois died about ten months after Joe did. Wherever they are, I’m sure they are together.

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