Discovering Meaning in the Final Third of Life

In our culture that idealizes youthfulness and physical beauty, we are encouraged to cover up our aging process with hair color, tummy tucks and face lifts. Getting older is considered a slippery slope, and our senior years are considered by society to be mostly useless. Is that the reward for our long lives of hard work, to be put in storage at the end of them?

At Hearth & Hearth, we understand that our elders are not only important, but they are essential in the lives of all members of our society. Their life, complete with all its many experiences of joy, pain, endurance and revelation, have made our elders the holders of memory and wisdom for our families and our culture. They offer us a depth of knowledge, understanding, and acceptance that is unparalleled. In this spirit, Heart & Hearth residents are honored and supported. They are encouraged to appreciate their lifetime of experience and their valuable time here to rest or be active, to remember or to let go.

Heart & Hearth supports the continuation of an active, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle for our elders in their final third of life. We encourage our residents to continue an active participation in the home and in the community. We listen to their stories and honor their wisdom. We are proud to have created a family environment that supports deep connection and continued growth and development.

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