Death and Dying

Death is very similar to birth, except that the person is leaving instead of entering this world. Death is a beautiful and meaningful transition, and our culture would benefit from that recognition.

Death is nothing to be afraid of. Steve says, “While working in nursing homes, I discovered a passion for comforting those who were actively dying. This was done in many ways, depending on my perceived understanding of the needs of that person. Some people needed quiet, while others enjoyed attention from me, family and friends. Sometimes people needed permission to die.”

We generally don’t have residents die at Heart & Hearth, as we are an assisted living home and don’t provide long-term nursing care. However, we have had two residents die with us, and those were both beautiful experiences.

We have also had two residents go to the hospital and then directly into a hospice situation, with death occurring within a week. We feel it is our responsibility to keep our residents at Heart & Hearth as long as possible, if that is their wish and as long as their care is manageable. Therefore, we are acutely attuned to what is happening for each resident over time, and we work closely with the families to keep them informed. This allows the resident and their family to be able to make beneficial decisions about this time of transition. We also provide as much support as possible to family and friends, especially as they sort out their feelings about the potential death of their loved one.

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