Pet Therapy

The first resident you may encounter upon entering the Heart & Hearth property is Daisy, our seven year old dog. She is very protective, and will announce your arrival to all who will listen. Her only fault, and she doesn’t think so, is to give your car an ugly farewell as you leave. She goes after the tires, but can only go so far because of the underground hidden fence. When she is not greeting or saying goodbye, you can find her chasing squirrels or following Steve or Melissa around.

At the present moment, we have eleven hens, earning their keep by giving us wonderful eggs to eat. Many of our residents love the chickens, especially when we let them out of their coop each afternoon to scratch and forage around the property. Mary and Bryan love to feed them bread crumbs. Many of them have names, like Turkey, Irene, Henny Penny, and Felicity 1, 2, 3, and 4. (They all look alike.) One of them consistently lays eggs so large you can’t close the egg carton correctly. Our hens also give us nutrient-rich manure for the compost pile.

When coming to Heart & Hearth, you are sure to encounter Mr. Bird, Petey and Joey. Mr. Bird is a fifteen year old cockatiel that has been with us for nine years. He is very communicative and loves dogs. He will mimic their bark and squawks at the sirens as they pass by on the highway. Petey and and Joey are male parakeets sharing a cage. Mr. Bird and Petey are rescues and Joey was born at Heart & Hearth while I was birdsitting for a friend. All three are tame and are occasionally handled by the residents. We also provide bird feeders for the wild birds and occasional squirrel.

When Taryn works, she brings along her dog Sugar. Sugar was rescued about a year ago and is very shy, but has come a long way. She is quite smart and very fast and agile. The residents love having her around and watching her do tricks for treats.

All of these critters are part of our family. They enrich our lives, make us laugh, and love us unconditionally.

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